Welcome to this page of the DIETA section of the website. Please read carefully.

Firstly, it should be stated very clearly that dieta is a serious commitment; a commitment to your own personal growth and to learning from the teachers of the plant kingdom. You will be stepping somewhat outside of your comfort zone and challenged to learn, grow, and heal - but the benefits are great - I speak from personal experience that each and every plant I have dieted has brought profound benefit and wellbeing to my life.

Personal healing and growth require that we leave our comfort zone and expand into new and often unknown territory.

I recognise that many people are drawn to this website by the music, but dieta is not for people who are simply fans of the music, it is for people who resonate with the message and have a deep interest in truly learning something useful or healing on a deeper level their relationship with life, and becoming a student of the plants in the process.

To put it simply, this step is not for tourists on the path, or those searching for a spiritual or shamanic experience - this step is for students and people who are genuinely interested in healing, growth and transformation.

The first step towards learning is to become teachable. To some degree, we have to relinquish our familiar holding patterns, including some of our long held thought patterns, identities, ideas and beliefs - and approach with HUMILITY and SINCERITY. There is much to learn, and much to clean in these regards when we begin to deeply enquire into who and what we are.

As stated elsewhere in this website, dieta is a foundational step, each plant that we work with enables us to access deeper healing and learning spaces than stand-alone ceremony.

If you are interested, please check your motivations to see why you wish to make this step, and if you are ready - then make a deep personal commitment to yourself. As with most things in this life - what we put in directly corresponds to what we receive in return. The last thing I wish is for you to waste your time and money - and my time and energy - on something you cannot commit to- and in the process take a space away from someone who is truly ready to participate fully, and / or is in deep need of the healing and teaching that dieta brings.

That said, if you are sincere, and willing to know more - we are more than happy to help facilitate this step for you. Dieta is a sacred time and sacred gift - welcome it and let it be in your prayers to manifest. If this step is not for you at this time, that is also fine.

Please continue to the next page if you wish to know more.