We host our dietas at " La casa de mis abuelos ", my home, and the home and healing centre of Alonso del Rio and his family, with whom I have worked and lived for going on 10 years now. The space is a bio-organic farm, healing centre, and residence to several families. We live and work in a way that is integral and integrative of the teachings of the plants, close to nature and in natural rhythm.

We are located in the cradle of the Sacred Valley of Peru, around 10 minutes outside of a small village called Taray.

Taray is known within the region for its tranquility and laid back pace. We are surrounded by the mountains, Apu Linli, Cheqtacaca, and Mama Nusta. We are at an altitude of around 2000 metres, but held in a unique microclimate in which the weather is warm all year round.

Taray is 2 km ( 1.4 miles ) away from Pisac, a small town which is a popular tourist destination, especially for spiritual seekers and enthusiasts. Here there are many excellent hotels, restaurants and shops to suit every budget, a bank and an ATM which can be used.

Pisac is around 45 minutes from the world famous city of Cusco, the entry point for travellers wishing to visit Maccu Piccu and the many other Inkan and pre-Inkan era world heritage sites in our region. 

To reach us internationally, there are some flights that fly direct to Cusco, but most go through Lima, the capital city of Peru. From Lima, it is a spectacular 50 minute flight over the Andes mountain range, landing in Cusco. ( I recommend booking a window seat ). If your intenational airline does not have an option of a code share with Peruvian airline, ( most do ), then local airlines that fly this route are SKY,  skyairline.com,  JETSMART, jetsmart.com, and LATAM, latam.com.

From Cusco, taxis are easy to find at the airport, or we can arrange one for you. The price of a taxi from Cusco to Pisac or Taray is around 80 soles, or 22 US dollars.